[ISSUE] AAF import - now you see it...

… now you don’t!
I just updated my Nuendo from 6.0.5 to 6.0.7 om both my PC and my Mac.
Mac works fine, but on the PC the AAF import option has vanished!
It’s just not there anymore, which is sort of a ++++ing major drawback for me. :frowning:

Any ideas on this?

Right now I still have the Mac I can use to import AAFs, and it works fine with 6.0.7 too, but the PC’s actually the machine I usually get work done with, so it would be nice if I could have the AAF back, please…

6.0.7 was the first version with the new AAF engine iirc. Did you try a reinstall? No that shouldn’t be necessary but worth a shot.

Trashing prefs didn’t help either.
Looks like I’m gonna be reinstallin’ on Monday.
Thanks anyway Lydiot and Erik.
Would have been nice to hear from STEINBERG about this issue with THEIR product, though. :unamused:

Sounds like something in the Nuendo 6/Components/AAFFilter folder is corrupt or otherwise didn’t install correctly… so yeah I’d re-install and see what you get.

Completely re-installed this morning and… the same old crap! AAF still competely not there!
Can any of you guys replicate this problem, or are you all on Macs?
My specs are in the sig, minus the Macbook which will import AAFs quite normally under 6.0.7
I wonder if someone from Steinberg ever reads these posts. Oh well…

Yeah I can replicate it, if I move the AAFFilter out of the Components folder. If you look in

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Nuendo 6\Components

is there a folder with AAFFilter in it, with a couple of .dlls inside it?

Hi ManChicken,
First of all, thanks for helping. I really appreciate it!

In the components folder, there is a folder named “AAFFiter”,
inside are two files, AAFCOAPI.dll and aaffilter.dll, also a folder named “aafext”, inside that are two files named AAFINTP.dll and AAFPGAPI.dll

Still, AAF import is unavailable.
Am I missing any files in the folder, and if I am, what am I doing wrong with the installation?

I’ve sent an e-mail to Steinberg directly, maybe I’ll get more help that way.

Just thought I’d post an update:
After contacting Nuendo support and telling them about the problem, they answered quite swiftly and had a solution too.
Apparently my Windows installation needed some sort of update. They pointed me to where I could download it from the Microsoft website and HOORAY! I can import AAFs again! :astonished:

If any of you run into a similar problem here’s the link to the update:

Wow, that is impressive…Good job Steinberg.