[ISSUE] About reverence

Should Reverence change impulses when doing non real time export?
I tried yesterday to batch export my D, M and E stems for demo purposes but it did not work. Impulse changes didnt happen.
Bye / Tumppi

Yikes. I would think it should.

I think you should mark your thread [issue] and then bump it until you get an answer. If it’s not working then it’s serious for everyone using it that way.

I need to test it first and would love if others would to test it also.
it is simple to test but at the moment have no time. I`m busy preparing shootings where I will spend my summer…

Test itself is easy. Make an audio track and put like two gun shots in a track divided by like 5 sec and add fx channel with reverence using different impulses…


Took the time anyway…

Test result, no impulse changes… :open_mouth:

Is this just reverence? If someone has altiverb or similar at hand it would be nice to know the results.

Bye / Tumppi

Ugh. I was just going to use this in a project. Response?

Confirmed here.

Very VERY BAD news!

I really hope that the next update isn’t 3 more months away. Reverence is a key feature of the software as far as I can see as is PROPERLY FUNCTIONING automation and Non-Realtime export.


Just pretend like you’re using pro tools…sorry, couldn’t resist. I guess they have offline export now anyway. I guess it’s back to Altiverb. Was really looking forward to using all steiny stuff.


You can check ‘Update Display’ in export dialog as a workaround,

or of course use realtime export.

Already working on a fix.


So you’re saying that if we select “Update Display”, which has to do with metering, Reverence will correctly read automation in non-realtime export???

When will we see it?

Yes, for some technical reasons I don’t want to explain here.

Chances are, you’re going to see it soon.

Interesting how you found that out so quickly. :confused:

I wonder what “soon” means, but fair enough, sounds good.

Any news on real fix?