Issue - audio track event images not matching audio content

I’m using Cubase Pro 11.0.30 under Windows 10 Home 20H2.

Having worked on a project for some time I have just noticed that in a couple of the audio tracks the event images in the project window do not match the audio content they contain. (I have uploaded two images, I hope they are visible.)

In the above, the two tracks Fender Chords 1 and 2 are populated throughout by a regular chugging pattern, as can be seen in some parts of their track images. But other parts of their track images are blank, indicating audio as being absent even though it is present throughout. The two tracks play correctly, they simply do not display correctly.

Likewise at the end of the project the audio on these tracks stops in bar 276 in line with the Ovation tracks above them, but the track images show these parts as continuing for several bars even though they do not. See below.

In Lanes view, the affected tracks only have a single populated lane, but it too has the image of the auidio out of step with the actual audio in the same way as the project view.

In Sample Editor the problem does not exist, the audio is correctly represented on screen.

Neither of the affected tracks has any Insert or Send effects. They are both routed to the same Group track which has the VST Amp Rack as an Insert.

I believe these two tracks, or parts of them, were subjected to audio quantise. But so were other tracks (such as the Ovation ones) which do not exhibit the issue.