ISSUE - audio track solo + vst automation not working PLEASE ADDRESS


I have upgraded to Cubase 13 and have a severe problem with soloing ANY audio track whilst ANY type of automation is armed for Groove Agent.

When the audio track is soloed, so is the Groove Agent track. Disabling the Groove Agent automation solves the problem. After that the selected audio track CANNOT be UN-soloedstrong text - the system seems to have loved the operations.

Current solution: do not try to automate Groove Agent. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

So, what is the solution, please? Greatly appreciated,

Mark Watson
Boulder, CO 80303

What is your exact problem?
Your description is very confused and full of errors.

Solo has nothing to do with automation and is for listening purposes only.

Apparently your voice input has a life of its own :joy: - never mind…
Perhaps you could list the exact steps you take, from start to finish, and where there are errors occuring in your opinion. Then others could follow these steps and possibly offer a solution. Thank you!