issue automation of Serum in Cubase 10.5

When I manually (by mouse) write the automation of Serum in Cubase, directly in the automation-lane, automation works as desired. When I write the automation by moving a parameter in Serum, in my case Filter Cutoff, with my mouse, while playing between the locators in Cubase, the automation visually gets written but on playback there is no automation happening. As a matter of fact, all automation is then lost. Only after closing Cubase and opening the project again I can proceed with what I described in the first line of this message.

It looks like I have an issue that occurs between Cubase 10.5 and Serum. I hope someone solved this issue already.

I have posted this issue also on the Xfer Serum forum.

I found out that when i move the numerical value in the automation track on the left side, up and down, Cubase starts to read and transmit the values again. Bit of a bug in Cubase I guess. Steve from Xfer said this issue is in Cubase since Serum has no ability to create the above mentioned automation issue. Anyhow, easy workaround.

Does this qualify as bug report?

Using Stutteredit VST, its Global filter assigned to CC1. Cubase does not write automation when i move Global filter by mouse while R and W activated and recording. I can draw automation by hand/mouse and that works fine. 2nd automation issue i come across in 2 days. Really wondering if there is something in the midi settings of Cubase that i have set wrong.