[ISSUE] Backup project nightmare

Hi, it looks like something is seriously screwed up when using File -> Backup Project function WITH “Keep current project active” option checked.

Here’s what I think my usual workflow was until now when creating a backup (actually an archive) of a finished project:

  • i open my final version of the project, I bounce all my audio, instrument, fx or any other relevant tracks so everything is nice and clean and easily interchangeable with any other daw.
  • I remove all unused or unrelevant tracks from the project
  • I perform a “Backup Project” to my backup HDD checking “keep current project active”
  • when Nuendo has finished the backup, I close my project without saving so Nuendo prompts me with “you have created new files…keep/delete”
  • I hit delete because I have no use of these bounced files on my current audio HDD
  • I think this used to work like a charm…

Now, if I actually do that in N6 latest, my original “final” .npr gets automaticaly overwritten without anykind of warning with the backup project file but without the new name I may have enterded for the intended backup version !!!
To cut it short, I loose all the work i have done between the “Final” version and the previous version saved (I always saved as new version when working with .npr)


  • Open a project
  • perform anykind of bouncing
  • file -> backup what you just done in a new folder checkin “keep current project active”
  • once finished, try opening the undo history and undoing what you have bounced
  • you’re screwed

i open my “final”.npr and “save as” under a different name before doing anything.
BUT I’ll have to manually delete all my bounced files from the original projet audio folder !

Can anyone confirm this and that I’m not making up my “old” workflow ?


Hi Lydiot, you understood everything correctly, and it is true that I’m not using the backup function to make an actual true mirror backup of my .final project but this is the fastest and easiest way I’ve found so far to make a bounced/consolidated version of huge and complex projects for archiving/exchange with other Daws/Studios.

To answer your question, when I open my .final original project that has obviously been overwritten without prompting (it should NOT according to the manual), it shows the bounced files in the .final project folder (the ones I used to delete automatically by not saving the .final project after performing the backup function) and all other files have dissapeared from the pool, exactly as my “real” backup project saved in my “archive” HDD but on my normal "Audio’ drive.

The files are still there, I had to open my previously saved version (final -1) and no way to get the lost work back (everything performed between “.final -1” and “.final”…)
On the backup drive, the bounced files are there and only them as expected…

Nuendo is not only saving the newly created backup, it is actually overwriting the original project without prompting.

I think the problem is simpler than it looks, I’ll put it this way :

Repro :

  • open a project
  • bounce any audio track and click “replace”
  • backup that project to new location and check “keep current project active” and “remove unused files”
  • once backup completed try to undo the bouncing you made
  • you can’t, the active project has been overwritten (it’s buggy, you still have the undo history there but when you actually try to undo, it wont)

“keep current project active” just means that once your backup is done, it won’t be the one opened in Nuendo, you’re still on the original project in it’s original location.

Same thing here :frowning:


Thanks for confirming Alan, could we please have this quite serious issue put on record ?

Maybe someone else could repro as well ?