[ISSUE] Blue video through Blackmagic Intensity Pro

So, I am finding that Nuendo 6 plays back QuickTime video with a blue flesh tones, etc through the Decklink Intensity Pro. It is making everything look like the movie avatar, which is fine if I wanted that. It plays video fine through the Onscreen Window. It also plays video fine through the Decklink in Nuendo 5.5. There is some weirdness with the video engine overlay? Anyone experiencing this or have a solution?

I’m using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro (is that what you mean?)…

No problems using Nuendo 6 or 5 to drive my big monitor through HDMI, and simultaneously the talent monitor through composite. Both versions of Nuendo also recognize the drivers, so I can choose different sizes / video frame rates within N’s Device Setup. Makes it handy when I’m working on multiple projects with different original video sizes.

If you’re connecting via component, check all three connections. Otherwise you might want to suspect the drivers or card.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do mean Blackmagic Intensity Pro. And this is happening on two separate systems in two of our studios, so it unlikely hardware related. And the connections in both cases are HDMI to DA to multiple LCD. As I said, the systems works perfectly in Nuendo 5.5 on both systems, and are very blue on 6.0.3.

Blackmagic cards (Studio) on 5 systems here, and they all work exactly the same in N5 and N6.


Anyone experiencing this or have a solution?

On a project over a year ago we had this same problem. Turned out to be the QT’s being generated by the editor, can’t remember exactly what he was doing different but we had him change a setting or two in his output and everything was back to normal. Hope that helps. john.

Indeed, chasing this down, it appears to happen only with h.264 files from from one editorial house in Chicago that we are working with, but only in version 6 of Nuendo, and not version 5. Now to figure out what settings are effecting this. Thank you.

Hi Rob,

please let us know the result of your investigation / discussion with the respective post house.


Thanks Timo, I will.

Just want to add that I’m having the exact same problem , only in Nuendo 6 and only with certain video files.


I assume this is a bug in the color conversion of the video engine.
To analyze this potential bug, we either need an example video or detailed information about the video file.
MediaInfo can display and export detailed information of video files.
Can anyone of you support us?

Thank you,

I can surely provide you with a video that effects the system this way. How shall I?

I have sent a PM to you.