Issue/Bug - holding CTRL / ALT for Split tool / Event Align tool seems broken?

I have my Nuendo set up so that when I have the ‘smart tool’ selected, when I hold CTRL, I get the split tool, and when I hold ALT, I get the "audio align’ tool (where you can align events to other events or to the cursor).

Sometimes this behaves perfectly. I’ll hold ALT for align tool on an unselected audio event, and I can have it snap to where the playhead is. Other times, holding ALT does absolutely nothing, and instead holding CTRL brings up the audio align tool (even though that is supposed to be assigned to Split tool). I have been testing this for like 30 minutes and can’t find a pattern to explain why sometimes the align tool comes up with ALT and sometimes with CTRL. It just seems broken. Am I just totally missing something or is this a bug that others have experienced?

EDIT: So when I have the selection tool selected (NOT the smart-tool), everything works perfectly. This bug ONLY happens with the smart tool


Sorry, could you use Nuendo terminology, please?

  • There is no ‘smart tool’ in Nuendo, what do you mean by this?
  • There is no ‘audio align’ tool in Nuendo, what do you mean by this?