[ISSUE]Bug in Cubase 8 pro with modal dialog

How to replicate in windows 10

fullscreen cubase window

  • goto plug-in manager
  • click on settings
  • click on add path
    (modal dialog window pops up) for you to choose a path
  • select another program eg a browser or another application eg I opened a file explorer looking for the path I wanted
  • go back to cubase
  • modal dialog is now hidden behind all the cubase windows, but you can’t select that dialog because you can’t click the other windows in front away or minimize them etc, because the modal dialog wants input first, you can’t alt-tab to this modal dialog either because it doesnt have a title/windows handle, you’re officially screwed
  • the only way out is to goto task manager and Kill Cubase (losing your current work)

-make the dialog non modal
-or to have it always on top of other cubase windows (its modal thus it should be anyway)
-give the modal window a title/handle