[Issue] Bypass state in Vari Audio not saved

In Nuendo 6.5, the Bypass state of Vari Audio is not saved (or I suppose, possibly not stored). In any event, the Bypass state does not recall when the project is reloaded. Projects always load with Vari Audio engaged, regardless of it’s state when last saved.

  1. Open the audio editor and use Vari Audio to do something obvious (wrong) to a recorded vocal.
  2. Hit the Bypass button within Vari Audio.
  3. Notice that Vari Audio no longer has any effect on the audio.
  4. Leaving Vari Audio in Bypass state, save and close the project.
  5. Open the project.
  6. Notice that Vari Audio is activated and affecting the vocal.

Assuming you have been using Vari Audio to experiment with various possibilities on not just vocals, but also guitar and other instruments, not retaining bypass can lead to undesirable results when a project is re-opened.

Reset pitch and warp changes to revert.

Thanks. Actually watched a Greg Ondo video on Vari Audio and learned a couple of things I didn’t know. Greg’s a great guy and has an encyclopedic knowledge of Cubendo.

It’s an amazing feature. I am currently working on some music and I really love this.
I had noticed some strange things going on with the bypass as well, but never bothered to make a bug report.
Thanks and consider it confirmed.