Issue C13 Mediabay 'subfolder' button broken

I’ve totally binned my C12 preferences and built a new mediabay database.

The “Include folders and sub folders” button is not working. C12 is working fine.

The File Browser is also a mess - displaying hidden OS folders and literally hundreds of folders if you open up new drives. Trying to hide these via the ‘hide unscanned folders’ checkbox isn’t working because it doesn’t seem to stick when you close C13 down.


Could you describe the issue, please? What exactly is not working?

Normally, when that button is lit, mediabay should show all files in the selected folder in the file browser, including all files in sub folders within that folder.

In C13, nothing whatsoever is shown. No files at all.

If you turn it off, only the files in the selected folder should be shown, and this works correctly.

C12 works correctly.


It works for me as expected.

Could you attach a comparison screenshot of Cubase 13 vs Cubase 12, please?

Hi there! Just want to let you know that a fix for reducing the visible folders down to those visible in C12 went “Ready For Testing” inhouse yesterday. It will most likely be part of the next MediaBay update.

The File Browser was successfully tested with C13 and MediaBay, like @Martin.Jirsak pointed out. Nevertheless, we are always looking for the “unknown problem”, so I will check some investigation options … we’ll discuss this in our teams. Stay tuned…

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Here is Cubase 12 working correctly -

Here is Cubase 13 not working correctly -

Here is Cubsae 13 without the ‘subfolders’ button activated - this shows files correctly -

I see, did you try to reset the filters (orange button in MediaBay toolbar, reset button of the Logical/Attribute filter)? If that does not help, and the latest MediBay is installed (happens automatically when starting the SDA) please send me the preferences of the Steinberg MediaBay Server.

OK - Ive figured out the reason you guys don’t see it on your end - it works for Steinberg libraries (those that appear in the ‘VST Content’ in the file browser pane), but no longer works for user installed samples!

I’m guessing you’re only checking this with your own library packs. Try it with user installed 3rd party samples and you’ll see it doesn’t work.

Why this would be I don’t know…