Issue - C13 midi editing weirdness

I’m seeing a weird problem with editing midi in C13.
I’ve deleted all C12 preferences so this manifests on a clean C13.

  1. Option / Alt Click drag copy a previously inserted midi note
  2. Immediately go to adjust its length - the pointer should automatically change to the double ended arrow as you hover over the end of the note.
  3. In C13 it now doesn’t do this - it changes to the pencil tool for note repeats!

If you enter a new midi note by ‘option’ clicking, and then immediately go to adjust its length, it correctly becomes the double ended arrow as with all previous Cubase releases.

So this is I think a new bug - I can’t see why the normal behaviour would have changed?

This is making quick editing of midi a nightmare!

Not sure if you mean Click+Drag which moves the note, or Alt+Click+Drag which copies the Note.

However in both cases it behaves the same as Cubase 12 here and the Double-Arrow is available. This is on Windows.

I’ve noticed this too. I didn’t look into it too scientifically but some frantic clicking and choosing another tool then going back seemed to solve it.

I’ll try to reproduce it a bit more methodically in a little while.

I’m on Mac

I’ve just tested it again and it’s working properly.
I tried both moving and copying notes and both gave me the little double arrows.

However it has definitely happened to me a few times before. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Sorry Raino - Yes Alt / Option click drag (so copying an already inserted note) - I’ll edit my post

On Mac , when it happens, if I click outside the midi editing window and go back to it, the tool fixes itself and its back to the double arrow.

Here’s a quick video.


For those wondering what is wrong here -

When I draw in the first note, the pointer correctly changes to the double arrow so I can adjust its length.
All other notes are created by option/alt click dragging an already created note. However, the pointer in these cases always incorrectly changes to the draw tool in note repeat mode.
This doesn’t happen every single time for me, but it does most…

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It only does it if you hold Option/Alt after you start to drag, if you hold it before the initial click then it’s ok.

That’s why it seems sporadic to start with. Easily repeatable bug though.

Seems like it’s not registering when Option/Alt is being released, as if you tap the Option/Alt key again on it’s own it sorts it out too.

I’m getting it whether I hold opt / alt before or after grabbing it…

I can also sort it out by clicking outside the midi window and going back again.

I often encounter the same situation in CUBASE12.
Please perform the following operations in order.
1: Check whether there are any windows other than the project window and editing window open in CUBASE13.
Including but not limited to: Tempo window, MediaBay window, other project (CPR that is not activated but has been opened). If so, please close it.
2: This problem should appear intermittently, so when it occurs, you can hold down the middle mouse button and drag it slightly, and you will find that the mouse arrow will be displayed correctly when it is at the end of the note.
Because I haven’t had enough use time in CUBASE13, I’m not sure whether this method will work correctly in CUBASE13. But let’s give it a try.
Good luck.

Never seen it in C12.

BUT, the same happens in the arrange window now when using lanes. AAAGGGGHHHHH

Alt / Option click drag copy an audio part, and the pointer turns to the Draw tool in repeat mode, not length adjust.

This is crazy annoying.

Hi, Vinylizor
Did you get to the bottom of the double arrow pencil thingy?

There’s something weird going on in general with the tool in the midi editor.
Often it just shows the pointer arrow even though its function has changed.

Have you done latest maintenance update 13.0.30?

Yes - I’m on 13.0.30

Ok Vinylizor.
Daft question here, but have you a problem with your KB?
Have found this on my travels through the internet!
That link does seem feasible to me, even though i’m a PC user.
Give it a blast,

Just a addon, Bear in mind that this is intermittant

Thanks but it’s not the keyboard.

Firstly, the pointer would still change anyway - even with a faulty triggering key.

Secondly, I still have V12 installed in case there are any session issues, and that version works perfectly like it always did.

Just wanted to say I’m still getting this very intermittently. 13.0.30
I switch to a different tool and back again and it works as expected. It’s highly annoying though!