[ISSUE] Cannot remove existing audio stream from video file

After I edited a short project for some instruction-video I wanted to write the audio under the .MOV-file in order to send it to my client for approval, but Nuendo returned: “cannot remove existing audio stream from video file” when I kindly asked it to “replace audio in video file”……….

The video file is video-only, so that may be the issue but I tried it in Apple’s Logic X and Logic just wrote the audio under this video file without any problems.

Anyone got an idea why Nuendo can’t do the job while Logic can?

Niek/ Amsterdam.


I don’t recall that this function has ever worked properly.
Just do it in Quicktime or so, will save you much troubles.


Thanks for your help Fredo,

Nevertheless………quite a pity.
I’ll workaround with Logic.

Thanks, Niek.

Same issue here.
How to do this with QuickTime Fredo?

If that is true it is a serious issue - why is Steinberg not getting this fixed?

You need to upgrade to QT pro, which is a minor cost.
Open Audio file/select all/Copy
Open video file/select all/Add to movie
Export Video into desired format.


I seriously doubt that.
When it did work, there was still the problem that the audio added to the video was full PCM, so in some cases you ended up with a very small mp4 movie with embedded audio which was 10 times bigger in size as the movie.


Logic X can do the job just the way you want it, and it’s not even profiling itself as a post-production-specialised-product………

I hope Steinberg finds the time and energy to investigate how to fix this issue and bring this feature back in to Nuendo. I also hope they understand that the fact that an export to video may result into an audio-file which is (much) bigger than the (draft-quality)-video it accompanies, may not be the reason not to support it…….that’s an operators choice I think.
Nowadays, hi-res audiofiles are much smaller than hi-res videofiles anyway.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

You forget to mention that Logic is Mac-only.
The biggest problem with Quicktime is that the Windows third party SDK is offering only half of the possibilities of it’s Mac counterpart. And as far as I know, Apple has dropped Quicktime completely …


Thank for your point of view Fredo,
of course I forgot to mention that Logic is Mac-only……….I’m a “consumer”, not a developer :wink:
And moreover: I’ve seen colleagues whom work with ProTools also doing the job.

I think you might be right about the fact that Apple dropped their support for QT since 10.9 but still there are quite a lot of professionals using it as a very-compatible-working-standard, and I think amongst them are quite a lot of Windows-users…….
More reasons for Steinberg to spend some time on re-integrating the “Replace Audio In Video-File”-feature, not?
For me it finishes the app.

At this stage of the discussion the problem is still there and are we slowly getting off-track, shall we try to stick to the subject?

Thanks everyone!
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Hi Niekbeem,

A quick way of doing this is to open your movie in quicktime pro.

Do the steps as Fredo described them, then “save as” a self contained sequence.
It avoids to re-encode the movie, wich you sometimes don’t want. And it takes 1 second to complete.
Of course you have to encode your audio file before hand. I do it in Nuendo export.

Hope this helps.


I have the same issue please help. are you saying that audio can not be placed in a video, or is it just a mt (audio) vid.
As I am sure I have don this in the past, and could a work around be (i’ll do this later ) insert some sound prior to importation be a go. this should be an easy fix for Stienberg as it could be an on going irritation

Same problem here.

I tend to agree entirely with what you are suggesting here. “Replace Audio in Video-File” should just simply work, at least 99% of the time. IMO there is no point including functions in Nuendo if they don’t actually work and you have to complete the task in another application. However, it would seem that life gets very complicated as soon as you want to do anything with video files.

Just tried this today, worked perfectly. Makes me very curious why it works on some systems and not others, weird.

Same video file, same audio file, same computer: N5 replaces audio into video, N6 fails.

A quick thought this morning, for the one’s who are having problems, do you have Quicktime 7 Pro installed on your machines?

Yes, here QT 7 pro installed.
Some files work, but others don’t. I don’t find any pattern about when it works or not.

I often notice that with QT7 pro a .MOV with AVC coding has problems with replacing a new audiostream.
Even when replacing audio using the ‘add to movie’ function in QT7 pro it will not work.
Other codecs, like H264/Photo JPEG will do just fine.


But N5 is doing well this job instead N6!