[ISSUE] Can't alt+drag to multiple MIDI chs when...

…all of those chs you are copying to have their automation lanes open

Pref > Automation follows events on
Create four MIDI chs
Record or draw MIDI events onto chs 3 & 4
Write some automation to both chs - grouping and writing automation w/faders to both at once is fine
Read enable chs 1 & 2
Select both MIDI events
Alt+drag the events from chs 3 & 4 to chs 1 & 2 - works
Open the automation lane for either ch1 or ch 2
Alt+drag the events from chs 3 & 4 to chs 1 & 2 - works
Open the automation lane for both ch1 and ch 2
Alt+drag the events from chs 3 & 4 to chs 1 & 2 - does not work


This is normal behavior. Try 4 MIDI tracks and an audio below them. Open a lane on track 1 and enter some data. Shift select 1&2 and try to Alt click to 3&4. Try moving 3&4 to the bottom of the track list and doing the same. What happens? Has to do with whether origin and destination match re: tracks. Put all tracks in same state. What happens?

Trying to move 3+4 to the bottom of the list in your illustration (if I’ve got this right), means you’re mixing Audio and MIDI tracks - so I’d guess/expect that not to work. Have I missed something…?

[EDIT] Or, are you moving 3+4 to below the audio track - so track order now, is 1,2, Audio, 3,4…? Sorry, I’m confusing things… :confused:

Anyway, Jeff’s last scenario that he describes would seem to match origin/destination and yet, just because he’s got the TWO automation lanes open on 1+2, his copy doesn’t work…

Are you saying you would expect it not to…? And could you give your reasoning again as to why it works when only one automation lane is open…?

just curious…

Who said anything about audio tracks, and mixing and matching? I never said that.

My initial post says Create four MIDI chs

I am trying to move MIDI data from two MIDI chs to two other MIDI chs.

This can not possibly be normal behavior…

And Nate, I really dont get your repro. "Open a lane on track 1 and enter some data. " - No…the idea is to NOT have any data on any of the tracks you are trying to move to.

Well this was actually interesting and quite logic, I guess you could wrap it up with the following rule(?):

When moving or copying two or more events from separate tracks onto new tracks, the corresponding number (but not type) of tracks or lanes in between the original events must be retained, and the receiving tracks must permit the event type.
The exceptions is if one or more events end up below the last track. Then the number of tracks between the last event inside and the first event to end up outside the tracklist can be less.

And note, if, like in some of the examples, you have an automation track with data in between two tracks with events and drag-select the events, the corresponding auto data will be selected too and thus need to end up on a automation track. If you shift select the two events instead, there still needs to be something between the two destination tracks, but not necessarily an auto track, AND the automation data still copies since it’s bound to the event if “Pref > Automation follows events” is on.

Further test to show consistency:
Midi - Event

Copy/Move to