ISSUE: can't get more than two video tracks


I have an issue: i can only have two videotracks and not multiple as described by steinberg. if i try to add more than two video tracks in my session, i get a message that no more videotracks are supported. i’m just wondering if its an restriction because i bought the student version or some bug? i’ve the newest nuendo version running on windows 10, nvidia gtx 750 ti (passiv) with all updates, and the blackmagic mini monitor, actually with an old driver as the new drivers don’t work at all (not showing me the bm card in the video output section).

has someone experienced the same issue? it would be nice to get more than two videotracks, so i would be very happy if someone could help me!

thanks in advance,


No it does not support more than Two video tracks at this time.

OK, thanks. Hope with this new video engine we can get one or two more :slight_smile: