Issue - CB 10.5 won't start due to eLicenser Control error after CB12


I have been running (Win 10 latest updates) different versions of Cubase (CB9, 10, 11, 12) for a long time without any issues.

Now I get an error message (see below) when starting CB 10.5 (as admin), BUT ONLY if I have run CB 12 prior to this. If I reboot I can start CB 10.5 without problem, but as soon as I run CB 12 and then CB10.5 again, it fails to start.

Any ideas what may be the issue?

CB10.5 message


Why are you starting Cubase as Admin?

You can certainly try uninstall and reinstall of latest elc and run the elc application once as admin. But only once.

There is no need to run Cubase as Admin and in fact you are more likely to have issues that way.

Hi and thanks fo the reply.

I use my old CB 10.5 for running some old plugins that needs to be in admin mode to work properly.

I don’t have to do it very often though, and usually it works ok, but now I have this issue with the error.

All other versions of CB is non admin.


Ahh ok.

In that case, can you try as suggested.

Reboot. Uninstall elc. Reinstall latest elc. Run it once as admin.

Then run your Cubase as normal. (Not admin).

See if this helps.