[Issue]Cedar Studio 8 DNS One, split Frequncy mode.

While running the Cedar DNS 1 VST 3 studio 8 Plugin (either inserted in a Group/channel or the Direct offline Pressing window),in Spilt frequency Mode, when either “Low”,“Mid” or “High” are selected, the button latches and indicates what is selected but the DNS audio possessing will only operate as if in “low” mode, the gain reduction meters reflect this as does a white noise(audio) test. So, I can only use “Low” in split mode even though the High and Mid buttons latch and indicate as if normal.

Full range operates as expected.

A colleague is running the Studio 7(not 8) version of DNS 1 in Nuendo 10 which is working as expected in split mode.

My Studio 8 DNS 1 works fine in Nuendo 8.3 and Nuendo 7.

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This only applies to the VST 3 version the VST 2 version is ok , Phew!!!