(ISSUE)channel and rack config not saved

I have written about this earlier but not heard anything official so I am recreating it with an official (ISSUE) in the subject line.

When I re-open a project in N6 that had channel and rack configuration presets, the presets are gone. If I re-create/save one preset then the others all come back. Reopening has then disappear again.

My workaround is: I try to always save the session with my #1 config. When I come back to the session, I resave the #1 config and the others all come back.

I have seen this bug for several cycles now. Please fix it .



Same problem here, I started a thread on this last week. VERY frustrating. John.

I have a reported issue open for this as well. No response on that one either.

Same problem here.


Steinberg, could we please get acknowledgement of this issue? It’s a big workflow problem and I do not see it in the current “known issues” section. Thank you, John.


I have the same issue, have done for, I think, most of Cubase 7 versions and also on different computers…

Steinberg any comment? known issue? fix in hand?

It would be great to get a confirmation that this is being worked on.


It would be great to get a confirmation that this is being worked on.

Yes, yes it would.

We still haven’t heard anything about this one. The bug has made it through several cycles now and it is annoying. When will this be fixed?

I also found another bug. When using an agent and then undo visibility change, the channel and rack settings change to where they were at the beginning of the session. The configuration that I had just saved is erased.


Just more info that might help…

In Nuendo I don’t have this problem. My saved configs are there when I open a session.
During my trial of Cubase 7.5, when starting a project in Cubase and then opening in Nuendo,
the saved configs are lost completely.

I think Nuendo and Cubase handle configurations very differently.
When setting up configs in Nuendo, the configs remembered where the mixer was scrolled to.
So I could just have all my channels visible all the time and scroll all the way to the right
to get my groups and FX channels. Save that Config right there and I’m in bizz.
Scroll all the way to the left and save another there etc…

In Cubase, the configs do not remember the mixer scroll status.
The only way I was able to make the configs show my groups and fx was to make
everything else invisible. Didn’t and don’t have to do this in Nuendo.

Something different is happening between the two. They don’t function the same at all.
I hope someone can understand what I am saying.

I haven’t had scrolling saved with my configs. I am hoping that they don’t save scrolling. That would be annoying to me.


I do.
And I wonder how Steinberg can make this so difficult? Both on themself and their users :confused:

All common functions and features should work (and look) the same on both Cubase and Nuendo.

Get the forth mixer into Cubase, make the mixer configuration work the same on both (and much more).

*The next section is for they who want to share my frustration of new mixing environment in Cubase and Nuendo.

Why don’t they make one app, one GUI, same functions and features (inc NEK) up until the specific Post production tools (if they just knew where to draw the line???). Then call the Post production tools an “extention” or “add-on” or “whatever”, maybe the Nuendo Post Production Pack.

Now I got to stop my self here :wink:

That said, I’m still mixing in C6.5 and N5.5.
And I will start mixing in Reaper (I used the Easter to look into it - and I am quite impressed (once you find a Theme that you like)).
Initial recording, overdubbing, editing and track preperations, I will likely do in Cubase 7.5 (mostly because of the Track Versions feature - coming to N6.5 I believe).

It’s the new mixing “environment” I just can’t stand. You should be able to “play” the mixer on instinct (like an instrument), not stop to think about “where and what to click” for every step and, and breaking your “creative bubble” to many times a session :cry: .

Sorry, I just couldn’t stop my self :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: :mrgreen: