[ISSUE] Channel linking issues / routing

Hey friends -

This is sort of an issue / suggestion at the same time, so I decided to post it here, because I’m not sure if I might just be missing something.

A) linking the routing on channel also links the input routing, which I wish was selectable. I’d like to be able to like input routing AND OR output routing… So like when tracking drums you could assign channels to different inputs but they would all easily route to the same output bus. You can use Q link to temporarily link the output routing though, yes?

B) I feel like there used to be the feature where if you held a modifier on the routing section, you could route sequentially, for example, hold shift and it would route the selected channels (say 4 audio tracks) to input 1, input 2, input 3, input 4, etc. did that go away? Is there a different modifier key now to do this? If so, I miss it. Being able to route an input quickly to every channel on the desk in two clicks would be nice rather than assigning every single one.

C) it would be nice to be able to be able to assign things to different groups… Or can you? Like say backing vocals. The low harmonies are linked in inserts and pans and channel strip, but then all 10 backing vocals are linked on routing and mute/solo. Just an example. Is this possible? I also suggested on another post the ability to split mute/solo/listen to three separate linking options rather than a combined one.