ISSUE: Channel Setting Window

Hello All,
I’m noticing that, at times, when I switch channels, the Channel Setting window will switch to the channel, however, the spectral analyzer doesn’t display a frequency response to the audio. The workaround, at the moment is to close the Channel Setting window and reopen it. Then, the spectral analyzer is responsive to the audio being played.

In addition, I also noticed, that if you proceed to make changes to the EQ, it shows as if it is making the changes, however the audio isn’t changing. It is only when I close the Channel Setting window and reopen that the Eq takes effect.

Is anyone else experiencing something similar, and/or has a solution for this?

Thank you in advance.


Do you mean the Spectral Analyzer of the EQ?

It works to me as expected, here.

Yes, the spectral analyzer in the eq stops functioning along with any eq changes. I open the channel setting and see nothing going on in the spectral analyzer. If I make any eq changes, it doesn’t reflect on to the sound. It’s very odd and again, the only workaround that I have is to close the channel settings window and open it back up.


Could you try the Safe Start Mode and try to disable Preferences?