[ISSUE] Channel Strip EQ saving

I noticed setting and saving EQ from integrated channel-strip in Nuendo 6.0.3, not always works fine.
When you reopen the saved song, some tracks (freezed or not, audio or VSTi) have missed previous EQ settings.
This happens either in 64 or 32bit Nuendo opening mode. If you save the song with another name and reopen it, the same happens.

My issue is that the channel strip EQ automation saved in Nuendo 5.5.5. projects comes up blank in V6. The automation tracks are there with the points, but the name of the automation that the track is controlling is blank, and does nothing. So these projects can not be used in V6. Is this the same issue?

No, my issue STARTS in Nuendo 6

The EQ settings for my N5 projects do not show up in my N6 channel window. I can hear the EQ, but it is not represented in the Channel window.