[ISSUE]Chord Pad to Chord Assistant Continuity

Issue with Chord Assistant drag and drop

  1. Create empty project
  2. Insert a Piano or similar VST
  3. Open up Chord Pads
  4. Right click any chord, set as Origin for Chord Assistant
  5. Drag and drop the example chord from Chord Pad, then drag and drop the exact same chord from Chord Assistant and notice the difference in phrasing
  6. Preview the sound from Chord Pad and Chord Assistant for the same chord and notice how they both play the same phrasing when clicked, even though on drag and drop they will be different.

I’ve uploaded an image of a D7 from Chord Pad next to a D7 from Chord Assistant, however when you click on the D7 inside the Chord Assistant it plays the correct one, the drag and drop yields different results.