[ISSUE] clip fades not exporting properly on batch export

Would someone be able to re-create this issue I’ve encountered. I’m preparing multiple SFX for video game design. I’ve created multiple markers throughout the project with file names on the markers. When exporting the markers sections using batch export mixdown and when doing a QC with re-importing them back in to my session and lining them back up to TC origins, it appears that not all the clips fades are rendering to the file. I believe this may be only on tracks that have plugins. I also tried a work around and tried to freeze the plugin tracks before exporting to avoid having to spot check each one and fix them, however it appears to do the same thing. My current work around is to add an auto crossfade of 50ms to the plugin channels. Seems to be better. Anybody able to confirm that this is an issue.


actually putting a crossfade doesn’t fix the issue, same thing, doesn’t right the fade. Would this be because maybe of the latency of certain plugins? It plays find with the fade before exporting?

So when you freeze tracks before export, do you have the same issue before exporting? I mean, can you hear the lack of fades before export but after freezing?

And do you have the same problem if you take plugins out of the chain completely?

Yeah same problem after freezing the track, lack of fades, usually mostly on the short fades (which in some cases if it was a solution would be a daunting task if there are a lot of tracks, at least a multiple freeze track feature would help, but it doesn’t help).

I will run a test without the plugins. from my pasts experiences it appears to be related to plugins because I cant recall having this problem when designing sounds that didn’t need real-time plugins.

Thanks for your response Lydiot