[ISSUE] Closing projects lags/hangs up

When closing projects (not even that large of projects) it takes a while for Nuendo to “be ready” to open another project. It just sits there almost as if it’s frozen-- I can’t click the menus or anything - but after about 30 seconds I see my CPU usage (in transport bar) go back to 0 and I can open a project—

Win 7 64 bit / 16gb / Core i7 quad

I’ve noticed since the writing of this post that the sessions with 32 bit plugins are the ones that tend to lag. I had a very large session with lots of instances of solely 64 bit plugins and it only took 4 or 5 seconds to close. But opening and or closing a similar sized session but with 32 bit plugins (eg an older Nuendo session) and it had opening and closing lag.

I think VST bridge needs some work— I’ve had a handful of 32 bit plugins crash Nuendo and vst bridge crash Nuendo 7

Yeah i’m in the exact same position. I just loaded the new Jbridge last night which said has Cubase 8 support so hoping that will help Nuendo. I’ll keep you guys posted