Issue/Confusion with Percussion Instruments

I am working with a percussion kit, which consists of multiple versions of marching snare drum on different staff positions.

In the instrument list, it shows the correct instrument I want to add “Marching Snare Drum (1 line)(ensemble, snares on)”:

However, when I try to add another instance to the percussion kit, this option is NOT available.

Not sure if this an error on my end, or an issue with the 5.1 update.

Am I doing something incorrect?


Is this a custom, user-defined snare drum, or one of the factory defaults?

I’m unsure, to be honest. This project began life as the VDL template Jon Barron put together back around version 1 or 2. I don’t quite remember. I have made some minor changes over the years.

Here is the file.
A Work In Progress.dorico (1.6 MB)


Those are indeed user-defined snare drum instruments. We’re aware of a problem where user-defined percussion instruments do not always appear in the picker. I’ll update you here once I know whether this project exhibits the same problem.

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I believe you have VDL at the office, so hopefully you can test it. But for some reason, on my machine at least, playback is playing measure 2 onward with the stick click sound, and not the other appropriate sounds as defined by the percussion map. Despite the correct techniques being selected.

Are you having the same issue?


I have been trying hard to determine if I have something wrong, somewhere when it comes to the playback. Here is what I have found thus far:

My percussion map is correct:

The playback techniques are correct:

The ‘piano roll’ shows the correct input with the correct playback technique:

However, very weird… when I select the note, at the bottom of the screen it shows the incorrect note as the note selected. The E2 is the stick click sound, but the note in theory should be input as an F#5 or G#5:


Please let me know if this information is unneeded, as I have been trying to play around to get more information about ways to reproduce this. Playing around more, here is what I have found.

In my VDL percussion map, Stick Click (midi not E2) was assigned to the instrument “Marching Snare Drum (1 line)”. My left and right hits are assigned to the instrument “Marching Snare Drum (1 line)(ensemble, snares on)”, which is the instrument I have added to the percussion kit.

When I change stick click to the instrument “Marching Snare Drum (1 line)(ensemble, snares on)” in the percussion map, every right and left hit becomes the stick click even though those mappings were never changed.

I am thinking this might be a user-defined snare instrument issue, as when I add the marching snare drum (1 line) from the list, and place somewhere else on the staff, and add the stick click technique, everything works as it should.