Issue connecting Cubase iC Pro

P’tit lu all…

I tried Cubase IC Pro on my Galaxy Note 2 and it worked perfectly 30 days. But now I bought the licence, I can’t connect it to my Cubase 7.5.
At start, I can correctly see my “Cubase @ mycomputer”, but after clicking it, I have a black screen with the Cubase logo showing he search for connecting, but he can’t. I just can click “Cancel”.

Is anybody meet the same problem?

Thank you for help.


the new and permanent license is not changing or connecting with the APP. It would just replace your trial license on your elicenser USB dongle. Can you give me some more details about your system?


I retried tonight. Finally, IC Pro now connecting, but he need maaaaaaaaaany more time than before. And he sometime loose connection, and sometime can’t connect.

I don’t know what details you’d like to know. My hardware configuration is described on my signature. What other else do you need?

Oh, just a detail. I connect via my ADSL Box as router. I’d like to proceed via a adhoc network (I think it could be better), but I don’t found how to do it on Windows 8.1. Every tutorials I found about it wasn’t work for me.


yes sorry, I should have read your signature… :wink: Well, like I mentioned before, there is no difference in the licenses, except for the obvious, that the trial will expire. So I would assume, it was just coincidence that it was working with no problem and that you can guarantee nothing has changed in your system chain. Would it be possible for you, to assign static IP numbers to your PC and phone? Some routers offer that without having to change the automatic settings on the devices. Otherwise you would need to do so by changing to manual in Windows and Android.

Are you familiar with that?


Thank you. At the moment, it seems to be ok. It’s a little bit slower than before, but it’s working.