[ISSUE] Controller Lane 'Set-up' Missing (Intermittent)

  1. Open a MIDI event in the Key Editor
  2. Click the Controller Type to show the context menu
  3. Click ‘Setup’ and add a controller to the list
  4. Do ‘some stuff’ in your project
  5. Open the same MIDI event in the Key Editor
  6. Click the Controller Type to show the context menu - ‘Setup’ option missing from the menu

By opening other events on other tracks you can usually find one that will have the ‘Setup’ option on the menu eventually, but once you have added a controller from that event the ‘Setup’ option goes missing again and you have to repeat the hunt the next time.

I have this problem too, but can’t get the setup back at all…how do you do that?

I just started experiencing this. It’s VERY annoying.

Thanks for flagging this up. I am aghast at this problem. Hope it’s fixed soon.

I came across this annoying bug today with version 8.5. Incredible that it hasn’t been fixed yet. Yet another bug that wasn’t there in Cubase Studio 4! I recently moved on to 8.5, but I seriously consider going back to 4… >:(

Same here.

I also have other issues with controller lanes in the Key Editor - the bottom lane is often ‘cut off’ so that you can’t see the bottom section of the lane at all, with no scroll bar to scroll down either. Basically, controller lanes in general are messed up here.

I’m shocked Steinberg still hasn’t resolved this issue, it can waste some serious time trying to find set up.

Hello, I’m having the same issue here. Added too many CC options to the list, now I can’t scroll to the bottom nor can I find the controller lane setup. Isn’t there any other way to reach it?

Using Cubase Artist 8.5