Issue copying audio in sample editor


I was trying to copy a selected Range in the Sample Editor and paste it starting at the project cursor

‘If there is no selection [in the editor] the pasted data is inserted starting at the project cursor’ (C6 manual)

this is what I do:

  1. double click on an Audio event to enter the Sample Editor
  2. select a Range of audio data (becomes high-lighted in blue)
  3. press Ctrl+C (or go to Edit, select Copy)
  4. press Ctrl+Shift+A to un-select the Range
  5. place the event cursor at a position where you can see it, want to paste the data
  6. press Ctrl+V (or in Edit: select Paste) to paste the audio data

RESULT: the audio data is inserted at the end of the event, shifting the Event End backwards…

There are other and perhaps better ways to paste audio in a specific place that DO work,
so it’s not a big deal to me,

it just took me a while to figure out that all that audio I was trying to copy went to the end of the event :wink:

Am I doing something wrong here, ?!


C6.5.1 (64) / Win7 HP (64)