Issue Copying Plugins

In this 1st screen shot I copied a compressor.

But when I went to paste that copy, I got this menu instead.

Why am I not getting the menu with the paste option?

I don’t have this issue on sends, only inserts. What’s the difference? Why offer the copy function in the insert section if you can’t paste there?

Don’t have 8.2 installed yet, so did this work for you before?

On my earlier versions i could copy the settings of the plugin and paste those settings to the same type of plugin in a different slot. So, it’s not the plugin that’s copied, just the settings.

If you want to copy the plugin into an empty slot i believe you have to click-hold-drag while pressing a modifier key (alt on Windows I think).

Okay, got it! Inserts only copy SETTINGS not the plugin. But Sends will copy the entire plugin + settings. Thanks! :sunglasses: