[ISSUE]Couldn't re-import exported Group/FX track archives

Hi there!
I’ve been reporting this issue for Cubase 7-7.5 and I was hopping it would be fixed in Cubase 8…really breaks my workflow with my colleagues (We all work in Cubase).

Issue : Problem re-importing Group or FX Track Archives that have been created in the same session (Or Template).

Here’s the step by step procedure with Group tracks but notice it’s the same with FX Tracks :

  1. In a blank session, create an audio track and a Group Track
  2. Name the group track “TEST 1” (The name of the audio track doesn’t matters)
  3. Set the audio track output to the group “TEST 1”
  4. Export this group track (Export track archive (XML file))
  5. Back in the session, rename the exported group “TEST 2” (keep it in the session)

----Notice that the output of the audio track has changed to “TEST 2”, syncing with the group track’s name—

  1. Import the track archive you’ve just exported (The group track named “TEST 1”)
  2. Try to set the output of the audio track to the newly imported group track “TEST 1”

Boom! Impossible…you have the group track “TEST 2” listed twice in the output list from the audio track and whatever which one you’ll choose, it will play through “TEST 2”, as if the imported track “TEST 1” didn’t exist…

Pretty frustating when you want to share a template with other people and that you want to be able to share tracks from this template…the fact that the tracks have been created in the same session you want to import them makes this task impossible to achieve.

Thank you!

OS : Windows 7
Computer : i7 6 cores, 32g RAM