[ISSUE] Crash On Quit, Export and VST preferences not saved.

Nuendo 6.0.3 running on OSX 10.8.3

I have 3 issues.

1)Nuendo 6 crashes on when quitting the application every time.

  1. Export Audio settings are not remembered. Each and every field must be set. Including, real-time export, ixml etc. Each and every field must be checked every time Nuendo 6 is opened or the settings are not remembered.

VST Connections are not remembered. Every time a project is opened I must manually reassign the VST connections.

I started a thread but got no official response, Lydiot suggested I check my permissions which I did. I’ve also reinstalled the application, moved all my VST presets out of the VST folder and deleted and created fresh preferences. None of these have solved the issues above which is why I’ve created this topic.

I also grouped these issues together as they all seem related. Its as if Nuendo6 doesn’t know where my preferences are or isn’t reading them.

Thank you.


thanks for your comment.

1)Nuendo 6 crashes on when quitting the application every time.
Regarding “crash on exit”: I can confirm that it has been reported already quite often. In most cases, it happens with installed “Novation Automap”, but there are also some further plug-ins causing this error by a wrong un-load scheme.
However, fixing this issue is not very easy and requires a major fix and investigation. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific date for a fix.

We will have a look into the issues immediately.


Thanks for your response and attention.

I do not have any Novation products, my keyboard controller is an Akai MPK61. I did recently install NI Komplete Ultimate 9 though and as I look through my install notes it seems like the crash on “exit” started after that installation. I can’t say 100% thought but perhaps this is a place to look. Unfortunately that install is so large I can’t easily uninstall it and test again.

The preferences (vst connections, export audio settings, and toolbar defaults) not saving or recalling is very odd. I have screen captures that show I’ve made the vst connections presets but after quiting Nuendo and reopening it they are not available in the vst connections preset menus.

Thanks for any help this is definitely a worflow distraction.

You wrote “un-load”; does this mean that it happens only when a current project is open and one selects quit and that if one closes all projects first and then quits it doesn’t happen, or it happens regardless (in these cases)?

I can report for me, the crash happens every time. It doesn’t matter whether a project is open or not. When I quit Nuendo 6.0.3 I get a crash dialogue and it does seem to have started after Komplete 9 Ultimate was installed but perhaps, started before then. (My Install log got a little frantic that day!).

Ok the problem is getting worse.
Now when I try to quit Nuendo the program hangs indefinitely so the only way to actually quit Nuendo 6 is to force quit the application.

I’ve reinstalled twice already so I’m baffled what to do next. It was mentioned that some plug ins could cause this behavior and these hangs or crashes on quit did seem to start after NI Komplete 9 was installed. Howver, Komplete 9 is a “must have” for me. I use several instruments (kontakt, battery, reaktor) as sound design tools for each new project.

Any advice is appreciated. Especially any advice on getting official support on this.

Its still happening so I thought I’d bump my own thread here.

I can’t exit or quit Nuendo without Nuendo failing to respond and requiring a force quit by OSX. It doesn’t matter if a project is open or not. Is this happening to anyone else?

I’ve already reinstalled the app and tried trashing all preference but its still happening.

Any suggestions are welcome as this system is a brand new from scratch sound design rig and I’ve never had trouble like this in all the other Nuendo systems I’ve setup.

And PS,
I still have to reset the Control Room connection for each and every project that is opened. Anyone else having to do this too?


Crash on quite every time. I’ve reinstalled twice. I’ve removed all vst plug ins.

Can I get any response from Steinberg as to whether or not these issues are being investigated further?

Iv’e installed many Nuendo rigs and never had issues like this so I’m stumped.

there’s a thread here:


Jeff thinks it’s something to do with the dongle on his system.

Have you got one the newer short dongles? have you tried putting it in a different usb slot?


Hi Norbury,
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the dongle in different places on my “dongle hub” as well as directly into the USB port on the Macbook Pro Retina but unfortunately it didn’t solve the issue. Nuendo still “hangs” on exit requiring a force quit.

I’m not sure if I have the new dongle or not. My dongle says “Steinberg” on the side and came with Nuendo 5. I now wonder if this issue is dongle related because Reaper, Reason, ProTools and all my other applications work fine. But they all use other forms of copy protection. So perhaps this is an elicenser issue when in use behind a corporate fire wall or on a “managed” corporate machine.

Steinberg are you looking into this? Any suggestions ?

I, too, have Nuendo Crashing when exiting the program. I just got a brand new laptop with N6, NEK, and H4 installed; nothing else. I find myself saving obsessively because I’m worried about it crashing. My desktop system has no issues with N6, other than the bugs that everyone else is suffering from.

I hope the new update fixes a lot of these issues.

Glad to hear its not just me but, sad to hear your struggling with this update too.
I also have Halion 4. Wonder if it could be involved?

Steinberg- Are you listening or watching this thread? Any word on if its being looked into?

The force quite to close and having to reset basic application preferences for every session are so annoying that I’m using Reaper now and I can’t help but be frustrated for having updated 1 N6 and Nek license and bought yet another full N6 + NEK for this…

it’s a weird issue this one, I had it last year and after a lot of head scratching I managed to narrow it down to BFD2.

I’m not sure what happened but when they updated to the x64 version it messed something up with Cubase and Nuendo, there’s a thread over at FXpansion about it, however nothings happened from their end to fix it . As it still hasn’t been resolved and I’ve had to buy superior drummer because of it, which is a shame as I’ve got a whole hard drive full of BFD libs.


Nuendo crashes on quitting for me probably 60% of the time. Most of those times I need to force quit.
I’ve got no solution unfortunately, I’ve just been dealing with it. Truth be told this has been happening to me for a very long time, starting with one of the updates to Nuendo 5 I believe. It’s definitely frustrating. Doesn’t instill confidence, that’s for sure!!

Trouble for me is I can’t work with Nuendo crashing on quit.

I have to work fast paced and interact with art directors, devs, etc all day long. I’m working on assets and then have to shut down run to a meeting and pitch them, demo etc. I have to be able to grab my laptop and go throughout the day numerous times.

So these hangs, crashing on quite when you have to dash out to present your work are simply not tolerable.

Its why I’ve spent the past week in ProTools and am considering a switch to Reaper as well. I hoped Steinberg would give any indication to this being solved in the next update, but if it itsn’t I have to work elsewhere. Or roll back to 5.5, which I really don’t want to do.

Steinberg Its been a month. Nuendo 6 is unusable due to the issues I’ve mentioned here.

Can I get some information as to whether or not a fix is being looked into?
Could I speak with someone directly to get this resolved?

Thank you,

Well I wanted to follow up by saying… 6.0.4 fixed this issue!!!
For that I am happy. And for the help from other users here on the forum. I genuinely appreciated your efforts to lend a hand or offer advice.

What I remain concerned about is the silent treatment from Steinberg. This was a major issue, probably the single biggest issue I’ve encountered after installing numerous Nuendo rigs at various studios over the past 7 years. And I got zero support from Steinberg. That plus horizontal mouse scrolling being reversed has really got me wondering how such fundamental features and bugs are getting broken and included in releases and why customers seem to get zero support on the “official” forums.

But to leave this on a good note…
The problem hang on quit is solved and I’m glad to start using Nuendo 6 again.

glad its sorted chris :slight_smile:

wasn’t the scrolling issue an Apple 10.8.x thing though? I jut installed 10.8 and happened to be with a Mac guru and he told me to go into the prefs and turn off the new ‘natural scrolling’ they’d introduced.

Apple in their usual arrogance decided that the way we’ve scrolled for the last 15 years wasn’t the right way so have changed it by default!