[ISSUE] Crash upon removing eLicencer

Since Nuendo 6.0.6 I have never been able to shut down my both Nuendo-systems properly, without the error “Nuendo unexpectedly quit”.

This morning I found out that when I remove the eLicencer from a running Nuendo-system, it pops up the “Missing eLicencer”-window and shows me Apple’s infamous spinning colorwheel, and keeps on saying “Application not responding”, with the result that I have to restart my application.
Even when I put the eLicencer back in place, the app stays unresponsive.

Funny thing is that I’m experiencing this on my both systems………
Maybe someone knows a workaround?

Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.

I can’t help with the firs problem, but for the second one I have to ask why you are removing the eLicenser when Nuendo is running. Nuendo checks it when performing certain tasks and won’t run without it, so I’m not surprised that you run into problems wen it’s not attached.


I can’t agree on the fact that it’s obvious that when one removes his licence, one asks for problems.
I could agreed though, if suggested that if you remove it, Nuendo only loses it’s functionality but protects its contents, as it normally should do.

I own only 1 licence and I move it between my 2 systems (1 @ project studio, 1 mobile), and of course I’ve done it many, many times before without any issues………but since Nunedo 6.0.6 I experience these not-so-funny-inconveniences.

Thanks, Niek/ Amsterdam.

I get very similar results when closing/quitting Nuendo. Apparently there’s a bug when using Eucon that can cause this but I have yet to see acknowledgement from Steinberg or Avid. Sometimes I can quit Eucon and then wait a bit, finally quitting Nuendo without the application either unexpectedly quitting or becoming non responsive but that doesn’t always work either. On my system that does not use Eucon I never experience this. john.

Same here.


Same here. Also using EuCon. The only way to let the app quit without hanging is to save the project and quit Nuendo without closing the project.



this is unfortunately part of the “closing” issues we have with Nuendo every now and then. We will have
a look at it, but can’t promise when it can be fixed.


Good to know the issue’s being addressed. For the record, though, at least in my case, the crash on quitting is a lot more than every now and then! I’d say it’s about 80% of the time. I’ve been trying to identify the conditions, and the closest I’ve been able to get is that MAYBE waiting a while after saving avoids the exit-crash, and that MAYBE it happens less frequently if the project hasn’t been open/worked on very much or very long. And that, like Dog & Pony, that it never happens on my non-EuCon system.


Two different issues in this thread, crash/hang when removing Dongle and crash on close. I have some info re: crash/ hang on close, but don’t want to hijack the OP’s thread. If someone wants to start a thread on the latter, I’d be happy to post my findings.

I am happy to put this thread available to “crashes upon quit”, but to make sure that things remain clear it might be better to discuss the “crashes upon quit” in a separate thread……

Nek/ Amsterdam.

Thanks Nick. I’d like to keep it separate so as to focus the separate issues. I’m not supposed to start new threads as I run Cubase so I’d like to adhere to the rules. I’ve helped others troubleshoot the crash on exit issue and have some pertinent info on the subject. This has been happening since at least C5 for some, although not me personally. If someone would start a thread or link to an existing one, I’d be happy to post what I and others have found.

Sorry for my part in the hijack! Got excited to see the general problem being discussed! :mrgreen: