Issue Cubase 11.0.40 SI String Plugin

Midi notes playing this instrument hang constantly on playback. Tried different pitches and turned off aftertouch with no change.

The audio interface is a Scarlett Solo. Intel i5-6500 processor with 16GB ram.

If I change the instrument to retrologue or Halion there is no issue with the playback. I haven’t changed any settings from defaults except the aftertouch and multitouch midi controls which are disabled. It doesn’t seem likely that these have anything to do with it though.

Have tried the freeze function with the same issue. This is using a new empty track with one instrument and 5 midi notes programmed through the key editor. No external midi device is attached.

Any ideas?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Try to change your Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please. Sometimes even decreasing the Buffet Size helps in this case.

Hi Martin,

Tried changing the buffer size to various settings, unfortunately it makes no difference. The sound on playback keeps every note playing even after stopping the playback. It is as if there is no signal to tell the midi that the note is off.

Any other ideas?

There are previous threads reporting the same problem with this plugin in Cubase. This thread has some possible workarounds: