Issue: Cubase 11 Pro (macOS) Groove Agent SE and Retrologue UI rendering errors

iMac 27", 2017 model (Intel)
macOS 11.1 Big Sur

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new project
  • add Groove Agent SE or Retrologue

The Problem:
Colorful rendering artifacts in parts of the plugin UI, bad performance with Groove Agent SE.

The plugins work fine in Cubase 10.5, I assume it is the new metal accelleration causing this.
I have already tried to re-install the plugins, and I got rid of my entire Cubase installation, including the preferences folder and plugins. I have made a fresh install of Cubase 11 Pro, the problem persists.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

I would, if this forum would allow me to attach files or links, but I have just created the account to post this and am not allowed to…

Maybe this works-replace the (DOT) manually:

dropbox (DOT) com/s/xv7l5dimtpyg643/Bildschirmfoto%202020-12-23%20um%2023.35.12.png?dl=0

dropbox (DOT) com/s/ao6jtzfey6ho1ea/Bildschirmfoto%202020-12-23%20um%2023.33.45.png?dl=0

dropbox (DOT) com/s/1g5ppnj6b5h9y2t/Bildschirmfoto%202020-12-23%20um%2023.34.49.png?dl=0

I have this issue too with Retrologue and Groove Agent SE.
System: MacBook Air mid 2013, macOS 11.0.1 Big Sur
Also cleaning up and reinstalling didn’t work.


Thank you for the screenshots.

Please,. be aware, Cubase 11 is compatible with macOS 11, but the plug-ins are not compatible yet. This is one of the known issues.