Issue cubase 11 pro no wave audio audition in control room

Hello hoping someone can help me, upgrading from cubase 10.5 to 11 I can no longer audition wav files from media bay. I can audition midi files from media bay but not wave. The meters in the control room headphone mix move but no sound. This is only sample wave files all other sound files types work when control room is enabled. Thanks for any assostance.

Just tested it : I get sound from mediabay in the headphone section of control room, no matter the sound I choose (VST sounds, either audio or presets, Factory content > MIDI loops…). This said, I almost never use Mediabay and apparently there are no specific routing parameters for it, either in the Studio setup… window or the Preferences.

So, could you describe precisely the routing you use ? Here, I have the Control room used for all my outputs (headphones and monitors), thus, in the Outputs pane of the Audio connection window, the Main out is set as ‘Not connected’. The Control room works perfectly this way : it allows me to control independently both my headphones and monitors levels, if needed.

On the control room you should have an option to enable metronome. After you enable that everything should work as expected.

I figured it out finally. When you have a headphone connection setup in control room it screws up the media bay previews for anything other than midi loops and also screw up the real time export mixdown. by removing the headphone mix in control room everything works as normal. what sucks is that I cant make cue mixes now if I want to use media bay in its entirety. seems like a bug.

works here as intended

Wrong, sorry (otherwise, I would have dropped Control room usage, already). Read again my previous post : I get sound from any source in Mediabay. So, something is obviously fishy in your setup. From which, and for any help, I ask again what is the routing setup you are using.

Its not wrong it simply does not work. i

If I leave the system configured as in the following pictures everything works normally . however if I add a headphone mix in the control center - audio connections no mater how I route the headphones i.e UR824 MIX 2, Mix3, DAW OUT 1,2 or 3,4 etc… I no longer get audio out of my monitors, my pa system which is hooked on another set of outs on the UR824 or from the headphones inside the control room, but only when i try to preview wave files from media bay, all other file types produce audio.

are you…???
something is wrong in your setup

I think I figured out one culprit which was in the tools for the UR824. which is the standalone mixer for the UR824. I now get sound on my headphones and PA system when I audition wave files in media bay. I think it was a something on mute inside the uR824 standalone mixer. Thanks everyone for your input