ISSUE Cubase 11 to 12 changed my Cubase 11 project files to that Blue

Why did Cubase 12 change my Cubase 11 project files to that Blue… This is Annoying . My updates have been smooth from Cubase of old to 11 and know this …this has been the worst jump ever the worst GUI stability and it’s effected Cubase 11 which ran smooth… and now my cubase 11 glitches…what the F… I would like Cubase 11 files to stay red and 12 blue think about the confusing.
And the GUI fixed. This seems to be a common Problem with GUI issues.


Cubase 12 icon is blue. Your system set, all CPR files are going to open in Cubase 12. Therefore the operating system changed the icon of all CPR files.

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Thanks. I was just a little irritated with this Update. Steinberg says we should be on the latest update, Windows 10 would be 21H2. Uninstalled that update because that seem to be the problem … reverted back to 20H2 reinstalled video drivers. Trashed the App data folder. and right now no GUI flickers… And Cubase 12 seems to be running smooth at the moment…