ISSUE: Cubase 12 ignores an automation node that is a terminator node

Hi, I’ve noticed that when I make an automation node a terminator node, Cubase will ignore it. Here’s an example:

I’ve automated the number of taps of the multi-tap delay that comes as a stock plugin in Cubase 12.0.40. The third automation node from the left sets the value to three, and the second node from the left sets it to two. Since I want to keep it at two, I originally made that second from the left node the terminator node - but in that case, Cubase never set the value to two.

If I add another node (the far right one) that is also set to a value of two at the end of the track, and make that the terminator node, things work fine, so that’s a workaround - but it’s a bit devious if you’re assuming Cubase would respect automation values (even when they’re a terminator node), but it isn’t and you’re wondering why things aren’t sounding right :slight_smile:

So, I’m sharing this to prevent others from experiencing this - the workaround is easy enough (albeit annoying).

Anybody else have run into this? Also, is there a way to put this into the Cubase engineering team bug backlog (without having to re-type all this and file a support case)?

automation terminator

Radio silence so far - am I really the only person who’s run into this, or is it user error somehow?

Hi @Timo00,
Yes, I know this happens. As you said there are workarounds, so we have to keep that in mind. In addition, the behaviour depends on the buffer size and smoothing of automation. If the buffer size is bigger, there will be more chance that smoothing ends properly but if smaller, the smoothing does not finish and strange things happen, this may not happen anymore for faders since v12 with the sample accurate fader automation. However, maybe it is easier just to avoid using the function entirely when possible.
I reported this a few years ago and was confirmed by devs, they are aware of this issue but have no fix yet, maybe the fix isn’t easy as we expect because it’s related to the fundamental of automation timings. I hope all the automation will be vst3 spec, then perhaps this won’t happen anymore.

Ah, thanks for responding! Glad this is a known issue and part of the engineering backlog.