Issue - Cubase 12, MIDI editor places notes in wrong places

Cubase 12, MIDI editor shows C note but the keyboard there places it on A (the real note was C) using Groove Agent.
In the uploaded image you can see it states C1 even on the keyboard but actually places it on A1.

Hard to tell at a distance, but it looks like you have a Bb Major Scale Event on your Chord Track. With “Show Scale Note Guides” enabled the shading on the piano roll will indicate that scale and not C Major. Try disabling the option. It should still be playing a C Note, it’s just a visual indicator.

Didn’t solve it. This is very weird because it also kept on happening for this channel but did not happen for any other channel even within the same project.

But also yes, it is playing the correct note and just showing it weirdly on the right side of the midi roll.