ISSUE: Cubase 12 won't let me select target bus

I ran into a weird issue today: I couldn’t select the target bus I needed for my channel!

In the screenshot below, you will see that the currently selected target bus is “Lead Synth Grp”, and you can see that I opened the selection list to select a different target (in this case, “No Bus”). Whenever I selected that target, it would immediately jump back to “Lead Synth Grp”:

The same thing would happen when I would try to select No Bus from the Inspector, it would just jump right back to Lead Synth Grp.

Just as an example, here’s a different channel where I could select No Bus as the target just fine:

Oddly enough, after disabling the troublesome track, and then re-enabling it, I could then finally select my target bus of choice just fine, without it jumping back to something else.

I’m just posting this so that there’s a record of this strange behavior, in case somebody else runs into this bug - in which case they hopefully can make use of the workaround/solution as well!

Most likely, this is an automatic block to prevent a feedback loop.
Deactivation of a track resets its routing, except the sends.

Thanks for the answer! But I don’t think that’s it - how could trying to route the target to “No Bus” create a feedback loop? If anything, it would prevent any feedback loops by not having that channel go anywhere…