Issue: Cubase 13 causes audio drop outs. Cubase 12 not

Hi all,
since I’ve upgraded from Cubase Pro 12 to 13. I have more load on my real-time audio. I get drop outs with a Projoect in Cubase 13 but with the same Project in Cubase 12, the audio is fine and I have no drop outs.
Even a new Cubase 13 project with only one track of Halion Sonic causes audio drop outs.
Can anyone else confirm?




Try to increase the Buffer Size, please.

Hi Martin,

increasing the buffer size stabilizes the audio system and I don’t have any drop outs. My point on the other hand is that I would expect Cubase 13 to be equal to Cubase 12 in audio performance and not less.
There are also other threats about this issue. I just hop Steinberg will address this issue in a patch soon.

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I improved the audio performance by re-configuring my workstation. Disabled Hyper Threading and did an BIOS update.

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same problem same upgrade I increased my buffer size to 512 same problems I have to pray each time I do a live recording that I’ll make it to the end.
I don’t use a laptop I use a tower it is really pumped up and configured to the max. I hope that Steinberg is looking at this because it’s getting very frustrating.
never had this in 12 pro and I noticed in 13 Pro the staff editor live is certainly jumping around.

Alan Russell

Hi all. Same issue on my wkst (Cubase Pro 13):frowning: Drops appears when playing simple midi file! Buffer size increased to maximum, RAM 64GBs. I had to switch back to Cubase 12.


Could you please provide more details about your system? Windows/Mac, which version? HDD/SSD? How is it formatted?

Hi Martin,
I’m using two wkst. Yesterday both updated to Cubase Pro 13.0.20. Audio drops problem gets much more better! Currently tested on less performance wkst (config below). Drops appeared when switching between windows (main, mix, and VST - all on one screen). But noticeably better then before.
Config: Dell Latitude i5 (8Cor), 16GB RAM, integrated graphic card, two SSD drives (2x500GB), Win 11 22H2. Presonus Studio 192 via USB3 (512 buffer).
Thank you for your reply.

I have the same problem with cubase 13. They really need to fix that. Cuz me I’ve decided to downgrade to cubase 12

Unfortunately I’m joining the club here, but not when playing. We’re often getting dropouts when recording, at any buffer size. Also that problem where when you stop recording audio the track header stays red, and when you disarm it the recording disappears (which happened sometimes in C12 but a lot more in C13), and this happened where there is plenty of CPU power left. The exact same projects are fine in C12 with no issues with recording dropouts. Also getting crashes in C13 that don’t point to any plugin, just refer to Cubase 13. We’re on Mac M2 Ultra, drives are standard Mac formatted, and again no issues in C12. There are all projects started in C12.

Overall it’s not reliable enough to use for us so we’re back on C12 for now.

Im on a m2 Max MacBook Pro.
Nuendo 13
19 tracks 4 of them midi instruments
23 plugins active
2 of them eventide blackhole reverbs
couple of waves H delays and a mixture of some Uad native stuff.

Have increased buffer size. Sound Just stopping and starting.
If I deactivate a few plugins it manages to play, but I can’t see how a brand new m2 max chip can’t handle this session. 96gb ram also.

I am having the same issue, albeit with no accompanying ‘error: audio dropout’ error. System is Mac Studio M1 Max 32GB RAM - i have exactly ONE audio track, no plugins, no resource issues whatsoever, etc. It’s disruptive to the point that after being a 25 year Cubase user, I am about to start using another DAW for the first time in decades because I simply cannot rely on Cubase any longer and Steinberg is either non-responsive or almost complete useless, advising me to ‘re-install’ or ‘upgrade to 13’, neither of which offers any reasonable assurance that it will solve the issue. What a waste. What a sad state of affairs for a company that makes arguably the most advanced DAW tainting it by also allowing it to be the most unreliable.


I’m having the same problem. I thought it might be caused by my Apollo Solo, but with a Focusrite audio interface I have the same problem

SOLVED: After speaking with Adam at Steinberg, I found out that my Samsung T9 external SSD was formatted using ExFAT, which has a known issue with dropouts under MacOS Sonoma. I moved my data off the drive and onto a second SSD, reformatted the T9 using Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and then moved my data back, being sure to name the drive exactly as it had been named. Dropouts went away, no more problems.

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Why doesn’t Steinberg put this information on their website, or send their faithful customers a message? Not good.

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