ISSUE - Cubase 8 not completely closing

This consistently happens to me also with Cubase 8. I don’t remember it happening with Cubase 7.x. I often load my project, quit Cubase, then later load the same one again. Several instances of Cubase 8 show up in the Task Manager even though its windows disappear. When I tried starting a blank new Cubase project and then quitting, it didn’t linger. So this appears to support the theory that some plugins are involved.

I wonder what Steinberg’s QA team has found out?

I have Cubase 8 pro (v8.0.10 build 427 64-bit) and Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.

I have this issue lately with Cubase 9 Artist . I was thinking of upgrading to Pro but not when this issue occurs to me everyday I use Cubase This is not a plugin issue since I can open an empty project close it and the cubase window refuses to close

I find cubase 9.5 Elements opens with hub and then choose empty project.
Ok that and you are in.

When closing down the main screen goes but there is another instance of the top menu at top of screen still open .
Why cant you exit Cubase in one go instead of two.

Also why cant cubase 9.5 remember your asio settings like other daws.
I have to make a focusrite scarlett template and have to choose that everytime I use Cubase. Another annoyance. :unamused:

Your post doesn’t really have anything to do with what’s being discussed in this thread.

The first click closes your maximized project. The second one closes Cubase. Press Ctrl+Q to close Cubase in one go.

Cubase does remember your ASIO settings.

How do i get cubase asio settings to stick on opening a project.??

I put my in and out In then closed down cubase.
Restarted and It goes to a default somehow
If I save as template it Is ok
I am new on this forum and just loaded up Cubase today as I am a Ex Sonar user
Cubase is quite confusing to start out

All the best

I would recommend starting a new thread on the Cubase 9 forum for this specific issue.