ISSUE: Cubase freezes if a drives is removed or cannot be read

I am using Cubase 12.0.70 on Windows 10. Please have Cubase handle the error when a drive goes away, or data cannot be read from a drive. I have a sample library drive that had something happen to it while working on a project in Cubase, and Cubase has hung with the hula-hoop of death, and I need to save the project but cannot.

My main instrument libraries drive is D, but is nearly full, so to continue using D for additional libraries I have another drive, M, which has libraries on it referenced via symbolic links on the D drive. So, all libraries are still referenced as if they are on D.

The failing drive is the M drive (content referenced via links on D), so I suppose Cubase doesn’t know why it can no longer read the data, and it hangs, in a loop or waiting, or whatever. But it is stuck and I cannot save the project and will loose work, and I am not sure I can repeat what I did.

That is not a good way to run it. Most programs would crash in that situation. Do you have auto backups enabled? If not then as long as you are running with a drive that could disconnect I would.

This is a problem of Windows that tries to access the missing drive and doesn’t respond to the application. The solution to this is simply, don’t do it like that.

I suppose it is indeed an OS issue. But it would still be nice if Cubase could be responsive and not freeze under similar circumstances.