[ISSUE] Cubase Pro 8.5

Hi, I noticed a bug I guess when adding a group channel.

  • Select a few channels and right click, ‘Move selected track to new folder’
  • Now select the channels again and right click in the mixer, ‘Add group channel to selected channels…’
  • in the dialogue box, there is an option called ‘Create inside folder’.
  • When adding the Group channel, it is always put under the Group Tracks folder, instead of inside the actual folder.

Cubase Pro 8.5 64 bit
Windows 10 Pro x64 latest updates


I agree, this string is confusing a little. But the meaning is different. This means inside/outside the Group Tracks folder, not inside/outside of the folder, where the tracks are.

In previous Cubase versions, all new Group/FX Channels always jumped to the Group/FX Tracks folder. Now, you can decide, if you wan to put it under the latest selected track, or in to the Group/FX Tracks folder.