[ISSUE]Cubase8.exe Process Still Runs Even After Quitting Cu


Windows (all versions)


The main, Cubase8.exe continues to run in the background even after Cubase has been quit.

No hanging or crashing with the quit, but a normal, successful quit.

The Cubase8.exe continues to use around 650 MB of ram.

No amount of time makes it go away (i.e., it’s not just slow / delayed in shutting down, but will forever persist until a reboot or manual end process.)

Multiple sessions of launching / quitting Cubase will create additional, left-over Cubase8.exe instances, each consuming 650 MB.

It’s been confirmed by others here:

Steps to reproduce:

Launch Cubase.
Quit Cubase.
View the result in Windows Task Manager.


Reboot between Cubase launches.

Another possible workaround is to end the task from Task Manager.

I also see this issue when using the right click “Mininize All” option on the main Cubase header.

The Cubase project windows disappear and do not minimize to the task bar.

Looking in Task Manager I see the Cubase exe in the list on the “Processes” tab but not in the “Applications” tab.

I just experienced this when I installed a new AMD Radeon card with the latest driver. I fixed it by uninstalling and doing a custom install of an older driver that didn’t include anything but the driver. So no CCC or AMD audio driver etc…
Hope this helps someone :astonished:)