[ISSUE] Cue send Panner disabled if main mix bus is surround

When switching the main mix bus to a surround one, the cue sends panners are disabled even for stereo tracks routed to stereo output buses.

This problem is present in those Nuendo versions : (tested on two different PC, win7 32 and 64 bits).

Nuendo 6.0.7
Nuendo 5.5.6

How to reproduce :

  • Enable the control room and create a couple studio cues.
  • Create a stereo output bus and a surround output bus (5.1 or 7.1 for example)
  • Choose a stereo output bus as the main mix bus
  • Create a couple stereo tracks. They will have the previously created stereo bus assigned as output routing.
  • Open the cue send mixer rack

You should get the cue sends panners available behind the sends cues levels on each track.

Now switch the main mix bus to a surround bus so that you can use all your surround channels in the control room.

-> Cue sends Panners will be disabled on all tracks.

I think that there is no good reason to disable the cue sends panners for stereo (or mono) tracks assigned to a stereo bus when switching to a surround main mix bus.

As a side note, choosing a surround main mix bus is mandatory to get the right surround bus width for the control room.
(According to the manual the main mix bus function is only to automatically assign a default output bus to each new created track and is used to define the control room channel width / setup).