Issue - Cycle Marker no longer adjusting size by dragging handles

I updated my Cubase Pro to the latest version on July 3, 2022, and have noticed that I can no longer adjust the size of cycle markers by dragging the left or right handles. I should note that I have also recently installed Korg Kronos Karma software and have crashed Cubase several times as I poke the new Karma software to see how it makes my synth twitch (Voodoo software testing ;-P). I tried going into preferences and resetting but still can’t resize. Anyone else having an issue with this and found a solution? I saw some old threads for older versions that had a similar bug and indicated that deleting preferences might help. Not sure where that file is located though, or if it is more than a single file?? Thanks in advance for any information folks can share.

FYI - I do have a work around but it requires manually setting ranges before adding cycle marker. We record multi-hour sessions and I am trying to weed out trash by putting cycle markers where good stuff resides. Requires a listen through to find appropriate range positions. A bit cumbersome to have to set range then cycle versus set cycle and drag to correct size.

Update: Voodoo resolution of intentionally crashing Cubase to restart and have it ask if I want to delete preferences gave desired result of cycle marker resizing with handles working again. Of course, I did have a couple restarts to get things back in order. The first restart said my libraries were expired or unlicensed…errrrr gulp! The second restart quit at initial license check…uh oh! Rebooted computer and third restart opened nicely with everything in order, though recent files are not listed. Everything works again. Beat the thing into submission…HA, I win!!! Note: This method is not recommended for children or those with unstable minds. While that rules me out, I did it anyway.