ISSUE delete tracks broken


please confirm;

  1. select a track
  2. try to delete it

result: it’s not possible to delete it via menu or key command

workaround: use a logical editor preset

Setup: WinXP 32, C6
thanks a lot, greque

“Remove selected track” does not have a default key command here. Have you made one?

Assign command, use it: works
Deleting via menu: works


The default Key Command for Delete was changed in Cubase 6, in order to avoid accidental deleting of… tracks (e.g. if attempting to delete merely an event, without an event being in fact selected). It now has its own Key Command , “Remove Selected Tracks” (sorry, can’t remember the default key combination… I customized it here). There is the corresponding menu item in the Project menu.
EDIT (ah, I see TwinOak replied at the same time :wink: )

Yet another reason to upgrade.

alt /delete as it now is

Shift/Delete on my comp.

SHIFT + DEL that is sensible

(like windows recycle)

yer sorry was not at the daw but yep it is