Issue: Divide Track List

I’m Using Cubase 10.5 and have problems with the Diveide Track List function.

I just create an empty file, add some tracks (like, timecode, signature, tempo, markers and a couple of MIDI tracks).
Then I activate “Divide track List” with the / button on the right and all the trcks except tempo and signature disappear. It is as if the upper zone was so wide that the bottom one is unreachable. The only solution is to go to the Project thumbnail and de-select “Divide Track List”.

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Could you please attach the screenshot? Aren’t these tracks in the upper track list?

Before dividing…

…and after:


To me it looks like the divider is below the window border, so you don’t see the bottom list.

Increase the window height.

Tthat was the problem, it seems.
Thanks a lot!