Issue: DNxHD can not be imported

I am working on Windows 10 64 and can not import Avid DNxHD. Tried different bitrates with no luck. At the same machine, Pro Tools can import this file (“invalid file”).

I installed Avid LE codecs.

Any tips are welcome!

Make sure that the video files is indeed a Quicktime encoded with Avid DNxHD, and not an mxf file. Pro Tools can open both, but Nuendo can only open a Quicktime. I know applications like Adobe’s Media Encoder will default to rendering an mxf if DNxHD is selected as the codec, and some editors will send that to me instead of a true Quicktime.

Thanks for your reply.

The mediamanager told me that Avid’s DNxHD (MXF) is created much faster because it is the native format for this specific Avid project. Since this is a 4K production, transcoding takes a lot of time in a sub-codec. I hope Steinberg will come with a solution for this…

It doesn’t matter if the container file is MXF or MOV, the codec, in both cases, is the same (DNXHD), and will convert similarly fast. Shouldn’t be an issue.
Nonetheless it would be nice if Nuendo could at some time soon also import MXF files.