[ISSUE] Duplicating track disables pinned panner-window

Please repro:

  • New session with let’s say 8 mono audio tracks, routet to a 5.1-OUT.

  • Open the Panner-Window and pin it (with the lock on upper right side)

  • Scroll (with arrow keys) through the audiotracks - the panner should follow your selection.
    So far - So fine.

  • Duplicate one of the audio tracks, let’s say, track no. 5
    -> Panner-Window does not follow any more

Even if you close and reopen and re-pin the window, it always stops following when crossing the duplicated track.

…this makes it impossible to duplicate tracks while mixing…
drove me crazy on a mix last weekend.

does anybody have a minute to confirm this bug?

Same problem here!
I didn’t have time to find out why the pinned panner stopped following the selected track, but the duplicating of tracks is something I use a lot, so it will probably be the same problem.

Really frustrating when you are panning a track that is different than the track you think it is……

I’m on Mac by the way.


I did a repro and yes, it happens with duplicating a track.
You can work a round by going to a non-duplicated track (after duplicating a track), switch off the pin (lock) function, switch on the pin function and than go the duplicated track. It now follows the in function again (in my system).

It is a really frustrating bug.


Confirmed…it is a bug .And the workaround works too.

This is still a problem on my set in N6.5.35…
Anyone else still having the same pinned panner problems with duplicating a track in a 5.1 project?
When will this be fixed?

Best, Alan